Managing the Fear of Prescription Drug Addiction

Doctors prescribe more painkillers today than they ever have – with primary care providers accounting for about half of opioid pain relievers dispensed, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). With all the media attention – and untimely celebrity deaths – related to pain medication, it’s not surprising that chronic pain patients …

Can Chronic Pain Be Prevented?

Can chronic pain be prevented? Is there a way to silence pain early, before it becomes a lifelong affliction? The question has taken a back seat to efforts to treat pain, but research is starting to point the way. Dr. Paul Christo speaks with The Boston Globe reporter Felice J. Freyer about new approaches to prevent pain …

CAUTION: Opioid Addiction

What Dentists Should Know about America’s Prescription Opioid Problem. Click Here to read more. 

Pot for Pain? 80% of Docs Surveyed by PPM Say Yes

Medical marijuana continues to be a hot topic in pain management and of great interest to readers of Practical Pain Management. In September, PPM featured medical marijuana (MM) on our cover and the main article is currently ranked as the #1 most read article on the PPM website.

The Effects of Chronic Pain on Sleep, Focus and Intimacy

Dr. Paul Christo featured in Prevention article on chronic pain. The article, “9 Things Only Someone With Chronic Pain Understands,” by Kristen Domonell addresses the various ways in which persistent pain impacts the lives of  the nearly 100 million Americans who  suffer from it. In addition to increased risk of depression and suicide, and strained …

Pain, a Mind-Body Problem

The August 2015 issue of Real Simple magazine (August 2015 issue) included an article on chronic pain featuring Dr. Paul Christo.  The article, “Pain” by Amy Paturel addressed how to understand (and manage) your body’s most important warning system- and what to do when it goes awry. Dr. Christo discussed how chronic pain differs from acute pain in the …

Chair, 2015 Pain Care for Primary Care Conference

Dr. Paul Christo is chairing the 2015 Pain Care for Primary Care Conference for physicians who recognize the importance and challenges associated with treating patients in pain. With Dr. Paul Christo as meeting chair, PCPC helps doctors enhance clinical care and acquire additional skills in treating patients who present with pain and pain-related symptoms.

Dr. Christo Discusses How to Describe Pain to Your Doctor

How to Describe Pain to Your Doctor

Dr. Paul Christo explained specific ways in which people suffering from pain can more accurately describe their pain level to their doctor for the redbook article, “What Doctors Tell Their Friends About Pain” by Lisa Mulcahy. Dr. Christo said it’s helpful when a patient gives their doctor an example of how much the pain is affecting them with a …