COVID-19 and NSAIDS: A Narrative Review of Knowns and Unknowns

Abstract Concern about the appropriate role of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) in COVID-19 speculate that NSAIDs, in particular ibuprofen, may upregulate the entry point for the virus, the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) 2 receptors and increase susceptibility to the virus or worsen symptoms in existing disease. Adverse outcomes with COVID-19 have been linked to cytokine storm but the most effective way to address exaggerated inflammatory response is complex and unclear. Continue Reading→

6th Annual Pain Care for Primary Care

6th Annual Pain Care for Primary Care featuring Guest Speaker Dr. Christo

This Opioids vs Medical Cannabis Debate speakers were introduced by PCPC’s addiction expert, Ed Salsitz: “Up until now PCPC has been cordial and collegial, but now the gloves have come off for The Great Debate! I introduce to you: Johns Hopkins Jabber, Paul Christo, the East Coast Champion vs San Diego Slugger Dave Bazzo, the West Coast Returning Champ....... ” The 6th Annual Pain Care for Primary Care took place November 15 - 16, 2019, with an Optional Medical Cannabis & Addiction Continue Reading→

Getting Back on Your Feet: Ways to Treat and Prevent Osteoporosis

Getting Back on Your Feet: Ways to Treat and Prevent Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis literally means a porous bone, so if you develop this condition you have fragile and unhealthy bone. You also may hear experiences of patients (or by you if you have osteoporosis) describe this bone condition as painful with cracking bones. When an individual is dealing with osteoporosis, the bones become porous and fragile, and the risk of an individual’s possibility of getting a fracture is significantly increased. Additionally, this bone condition occurs progressively and Continue Reading→

Thousands of suits brought against U.S. Drugmakers

Thousands of Suits Brought Against U.S. Drugmakers

Dr. Christo was a special guest on the news show Crossroads discussing the legal suits that have been brought against U.S. Drugmakers. Among the suits is one filed against Johnson & Johnson that claims they facilitated the opioid crisis. Watch the interview now! Continue Reading→

First New Depression Drug Since Prozac

Dr. Christo is LIVE in the studio with Michelle Makoi from Clear Cut on I24. They discuss the FDA's approval of a new class of drug for depression called Esketamine. This is an important breakthrough in the treatment of treatment-resistant depression. kamagra no prescription Buy Nolvadex online buy Strattera online Continue Reading→

The Longtime Ouch!

Originally published on by Chelle Cordero Sometimes the pain that accompanies the creaking and aching in our bodies is just too much to bear. It can persist for so long that it becomes chronic pain. We need relief. For many, that has come in the form of opioid prescription medication like OxyContin, fentanyl, morphine and Vicodin. While legal, opioids are in the same class of drugs as heroin. States are now trying to control the widespread use of prescription medications. Continue Reading→

The “Right to Try” Drug Bill

Trump signs "Right to Try" drug bill. Dr. Paul Christo discusses the bill aimed at terminally ill patients with i24NEWS' Michelle Makori. Watch the video below for the full interview: buy Pepcid online Continue Reading→

Balanced Pain Management

Redefining Pain Management

A new Alliance for Balanced Pain Management white paper discusses 5 policy strategies for redefining pain management amid the opioid crisis. What is the Alliance for Balanced Pain Management (AfBPA)? AfBPA is a national network of physicians with the shared mission of ensuring and protecting patient access to approved medical treatments and therapies. Pain and Balanced Pain Management Approach It is universal. Everyone, everywhere, experiences pain at some time. Yet, pain may mean Continue Reading→

travis stork

Dr. Travis Stork and Pain in the Emergency Department

Imagine having a throbbing headache for 3 days, or severe back pain that immobilizes you, or even a broken bone from tripping and falling on the ice. Where do you go for relief? Most of the time, we go to the emergency room. Our guests are two experienced emergency room physicians who will describe how pain is best managed in the ER and highlight innovative approaches on the horizon. Our first guest is Dr. Travis Stork, the host of the award-winning talk show, The Doctors. Our second guest Continue Reading→

Opioids: A U.S. Public Health Emergency

President Trump made it official last week: The opioid crisis confronting the United States qualifies as a public health emergency. For a country ravaged by opioid abuse and overdoses, consensus that the federal government must do more is growing. Consider these statistics on opioids in the US, from the CDC: Opioid overdoses have quadrupled since 1999. Over 1,000 people are treated daily in emergency rooms for prescription opioid misuse. In 2015, more than 15,000 people died from Continue Reading→

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Playing Through the Pain

Playing Through the Pain

Do you enjoy playing sports? How about swimming, tennis, or basketball? You may be an elite college [...]
Emu Oil: Topical Triumph over Pain?

Emu Oil: Topical Triumph over Pain?

Our guest Johnny Bench is a Hall of Fame Catcher who played for the Cincinnati Reds. Like so many, J[...]

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