Dr. Christo Discusses How to Describe Pain to Your Doctor

How to Describe Pain to Your Doctor

Dr. Paul Christo explained specific ways in which people suffering from pain can more accurately describe their pain level to their doctor for the redbook article, “What Doctors Tell Their Friends About Pain” by Lisa Mulcahy. Dr. Christo said it’s helpful when a patient gives their doctor an example of how much the pain is affecting them with a …

Cluster Headaches and Severe Burns

Dr. Paul Christo discussed painful medical conditions and injuries with Men’s Health for the article, “6 Pains Worse Than Childbirth” by Brian Vanhooker. Dr. Christo said cluster headaches, which tend to affect more men than women, are “probably the worst pain imaginable.” He is also quoted on the pain of severe burns, which he said can be excruciating …


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Low Back Pain

“Low Back Pain”, Interview with Donna Hamilton, WBAL News, Baltimore, MD, April 2008

Pain Expert

“Pain Expert”, ABC News On-Call Pain Project, video footage for ABC news website, 2007

The Addiction Performance Project

Expert Panelist for “The Addiction Performance Project”, National Institute on Drug Abuse, Washington, D.C., Debra Winger, featured actress. View Images