Effective Treatments for Pain in the Older Patient

Comprehensive resource on pain in older adults which covers all treatment modalities: drugs, psychosocial, complementary/alternative, and interventional

Contains many practical features such as tables, algorithms, and checklists, and is designed to answer questions that arise in day-to-day practice

Written by leaders in the field, this clinically relevant summary of unique physiology of older adults and its implications for pain treatment also addresses addiction risk

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This clinically focused book provides the essential modalities for managing pain in older
patients. Chapters cover a variety of topics important for clinicians, including effective
approaches, evaluation, acute and chronic pain, interventional strategies, and addiction issues.
Complexities in assessing and treating pain when presented with multiple comorbidities and
the unique physical, cognitive, and sensory changes that occur in the elderly are discussed in
detail. Practical, concise and authored by leaders in pain medicine, this will serve as an
invaluable guide to practitioners that care for older people.

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Pain is common, costly, and disabling in older adults. By 2030, 20% of the population will be 65 years old or older. Age puts us at risk for arthritis, cancer, and shingles. It’s hard to escape the frequent causes of pain in later life, and this book shares the solutions.

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