“You and I need more Doctors like Dr. Paul, who have a hard background in science and medicine. But, since we are also spiritual, emotional, mental as well as physical beings, we need healers who acknowledge all these aspects. I’m glad to have met Dr. Paul and to know he is carrying the banner for both
Naomi Judd

6 Time Grammy Award Winner & Best Selling Author

”People in my life encouraged me to laugh, persevere, and believe in myself. …. Remember to admit how far you’ve already come when the obstacles appear to block the path. Then, continue to take small steps toward your goal and you will get what you need. Dr. Christo and his show have a lot to give. It was a pleasure to be a guest. If you ever see me speaking, come and say hello.”
Maya Angelou

Author, Poet, and Humanitarian

“I was so pleased to be a part of Dr. Paul Christo’s show “Aches and Gains™.” We never wish to face serious illness or injury and its accompanying discomfort and pain, but some of us end up traversing that difficult, unknown territory. That Dr. Christo’s show strives to provide a road map through those challenging times is fantastic, and much needed.”
Lisa Swayze

Wife of Actor Patrick Swayze

“Aches and Gains gave me a wonderful platform to share my story and raise awareness for Lyme disease, one of the fastest growing illnesses in America. Thank you, Dr. Paul Christo for having me as a guest.”
Ally Hilfiger

Author & Daughter of Designer Tommy Hilfiger

“Dr. Christo knows his stuff.”
Suzanne Somers

Actress & Best Selling Author

“Aches and Gains is not just the result of a solid workout program, it’s a terrific initiative from Dr. Paul Christo that everyone should pay attention to! Believe me, he is talking to YOU! And you will be glad you heard him. I had the pleasure of being on with him and I can tell you that I learned as much from him as anyone could have learned from me. I am honored to be a part of this movement!”
Gunnar Peterson

Fitness Trainer to the Stars

“I have such appreciation for what Dr Paul Christo is doing with his show “Aches and Gains™”. He is giving people empowering examples and information on how to live full and happy lives while dealing with chronic issues. Ten years ago there was scarce information available on Fibromyalgia, little awareness, and very little compassion in society. THINGS HAVE CHANGED FOR THE BETTER AND…There are more positive options available – lets help people in need find them before they lose hope. Dr. Christo, thank you for allowing me the chance to offer my support to you and your listeners. Pain teaches, let’s learn.”
AJ Langer


“I’ve had the privilege to be a guest on Aches and Gains™ and learn firsthand of Dr. Christo’s passion about treating and healing patients through pain management. Dr. Christo is one of those exceptional few doctors who is able to combine deep insight and profound knowledge with a sense of humor and light spirit.”
Clay Walker

Country Music Star

“I do a lot of interviews talking about issues around addiction, recovery, and pain. Much of the time I’m confronted with the sensational and uninformed. Dr. Paul Christo was a breath of fresh air. It’s nice when you’re introduced to someone in the media who is informed, smart, and asks questions that go below the surface.”
Christopher Kennedy Lawford

Best Selling Author & Nephew of President John F. Kennedy

“It’s an honor to be part of Dr. Christo’s show Aches and Gains™. I truly hope that my interview-and many others from the show-help offer people hope in working past their pain”
Nikki Stone

1998 Olympic Gold Medalist

“I love the name of your show.”
Peggy Fleming

Olympic Gold Medalist

“I have lived with sickle cell my whole entire life and I know how difficult it is sometimes to share my, or better, our painful experience with people who are not affected by the disease. I would like to thank Dr. Paul Christo for creating a platform that allows a conversation among those who are affected, as well as a source of real information for those who are not but want to know more.”
Prodigy of Mobb Deep

American Rapper and Author

“It was so nice to talk with Dr. Christo about my challenges with diabetes. The pain from diabetes can be bad, but medicines and other treatments can help. It is important to get the message out so that people can understand the magnitude of the diabetes epidemic that is sweeping the country.”
Jerry Mathers

Television, Film & Stage Actor

”What a wonderful show you share with us. I was telling everyone about how refreshing and thought provoking your show is. Let the world know that help and care is provided by your show. I will continue to listen and learn. Thanks so much for allowing me to spend time with you.”
Johnny Bench

Baseball Hall of Fame Catcher

“Dr. Christo is making a remarkable impact on the lives of all those suffering from pain. Aches and Gains is innovative, educational, and inspirational. I appreciated the chance to spread the word that my plush toy called the “Peek – A –Boo” can reduce and even prevent the painful symptoms of text neck from smartphone use.  It certainly reduced my own neck pain”
Ty Warner

Founder of Ty, Inc, Creator of the “Beanie Baby”

“I have met many people in my career suffering from chronic pain looking for remedies for their condition. Dr. Paul Christo’s show “Aches and Gains™” is a critical component to those looking for answers to their condition. His knowledge, commitment and vast medical insight on pain relief and treatments are a welcomed and much needed component to achieve healing and wellness in soul, body and mind.”
Tim Janis

Renowned Composer

“Dear Dr. Paul, you have found a way to bring the world of pain into sharp focus on your radio show, “Aches and Gains™”. If one third of the nation is suffering, learning how one person has found a solution to their particular nightmare highlights the value of every single life. I hope my own solution will help even one of your listeners.”
Pat Silver-Lasky

Author, Film and TV Writer

“I commend you on your great work on Aches and Gains™. I love that you are profiling people with pain who survive and thrive. What a positive thing you are doing for the pain community.”
Cynthia Toussaint

Ballerina and For Grace Founder

Those is pain often feel alone. Dr. Christo and his show provide the unique opportunity for guests to share their personal stories of moving beyond their pain. It’s empowering and provides needed hope that life can get better with treatment. Thanks for having me on as a guest and allowing me to spread the message about what every man (and woman) can do to be healthier and happier.”


Bill Phillips

Former Men's Health Editor in Chief

“Dr. Paul Christo is a wonderful interviewer with a compassionate informed view on pain. I was honored to be a guest on his show.”
Judith Orloff, MD

Psychiatrist & Author of Emotional Freedom

“Dr. Christo with his show “Aches and Gains™” provides a valuable service to many people whose lives have been affected by chronic pain. His passion for helping others and his professionalism result in spreading a wide range of information to his listeners. Many with debilitating chronic pain are only aware of pharmacological options, despite the existence of many other effective, affordable and accessible options. I applauded Dr. Christo for his selfless effort to bring this knowledge to a community that desperately needs it. Thank you for the opportunity to share my work, Revolution In Motion, with others.”
Edythe Heus

Chiropractor and Founder, Revolution in Motion

“It has been said that the greatest gift we can give others is to help bear their pain and suffering, while not breaking ourselves.  Dr. Christo is a true inspiration to those in pain, and what he offers to those in need is what they need most: hope.  I am so very appreciative to have had the opportunity to appear on Dr. Christo’s show to discuss the contribution we are making to the field of pain management, and I truly appreciate his spirit of innovation and exploration into what is possible, with the ultimate goal of helping those in need live lives that are free of pain and filled with joy.”
David Schmidt

CEO and Inventor, LifeWave