Dr. Christo Presents at PAINWeek 2021

PAINWeek Conference 2021 The National Conference on Pain for Frontline Practitioners September 7-11, 2021 at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas PAINWeek remains the US pain conference with the most expansive curriculum and is the favorite destination for frontline practitioners to enhance their competence in pain management. Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome If you see patients with pain …

Dr. Christo on FOX 24 News Now: The Opioid Epidemic and COVID

We Skype with Dr. Paul Christo, director of the Multidisciplinary Pain Fellowship Program at Johns Hopkins University on how COVID-19, quarantine, and the stresses of the past year have contributed to a resurgence in opioid abuse in America, and where we go from here.

Expert Perspective: The Opioid Crisis and COVID-19

The ongoing 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has disrupted care provision for patients with pain disorders, as well as those with opioid use disorder. As a result, public health experts have voiced concern that the COVID-19 pandemic may worsen the opioid crisis in the United States, and the populations affected most seriously by both crises …

Opioid Crisis & COVID-19 | How the pandemic affects those struggling with addiction

buy strattera online https://bethanyhealthcare.org/wp-content/languages/new/strattera.html generic medication NewsNOW from FOX’s Rain Augustine speaks with Dr. Paul Christo of Johns Hopkins University on how the pandemic affects those struggling with addiction. buy amaryl online https://bethanyhealthcare.org/wp-content/languages/new/amaryl.html generic medication

opioids and COVID

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Opioid-Related Deaths

  The ongoing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has forced states across the US to implement lockdown measures. As a result, authorities have reported increased cases of opioid-related overdoses and deaths. Although there is no precise estimate as to how many individuals have overdosed on opioids this year, there is an expectation that the figure will surpass …

China’s Mystery Virus Prompts Emergency Meeting

Dr. Christo was a guest on i24’s Clear Cut discussing China’s new mystery virus. It has already caused 6 deaths and is rapidly spreading. Should we be concerned in the United States? buy synthroid online https://bethanyhealthcare.org/wp-content/languages/new/synthroid.html generic medication buy tegretol online https://bethanyhealthcare.org/wp-content/languages/new/tegretol.html generic medication

Johnson & Johnson Ordered to pay $572M in Opioid Trial

buy zyprexa online https://bethanyhealthcare.org/wp-content/languages/new/zyprexa.html generic medication Dr. Christo joins Stateside to discuss the verdict in the Oklahoma opioid trial. In a landmark decision, an Oklahoma judge on ordered pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson to pay $572 million for its role in the state’s opioid crisis. Is that a fair settlement? buy zyvox online https://bethanyhealthcare.org/wp-content/languages/new/zyvox.html generic …

Thousands of suits brought against U.S. Drugmakers

Thousands of Suits Brought Against U.S. Drugmakers

Dr. Christo was a special guest on the news show Crossroads discussing the legal suits that have been brought against U.S. Drugmakers. Among the suits is one filed against Johnson & Johnson that claims they facilitated the opioid crisis. Watch the interview now! buy diflucan online https://bethanyhealthcare.org/wp-content/languages/new/diflucan.html generic medication buy benzac online https://bethanyhealthcare.org/wp-content/languages/new/benzac.html generic medication