AJ Langer

“I have such appreciation for what Dr Paul Christo is doing with his show “Aches and Gains”. He is giving people empowering examples and information on how to live full and happy lives while dealing with chronic issues. Dr. Christo, thank you for allowing me the chance to offer my support to you and your listeners. Pain teaches, let’s learn.”- AJ Langer, Actress (Seinfeld & My So Called Life)

Jeanette DePatie

“I was honored to be part of Dr. Christo’s show on plus-sized exercise. It was so nice to be on a show that was about positive solutions rather than blaming or shaming. Dr. Christo breaks things down in plain English to help people find real-world solutions to living with pain. Thank you for sharing your important message with the world.” – Jeanette DePatie (AKA The Fat Chick) Plus-sized Licensed Fitness Instructor, Author and Speaker

Edythe Heus

“Dr. Christo provides a valuable service to many people whose lives have been affected by chronic pain. Thank you for the opportunity to share my work, Revolution In Motion, with others.” – Edythe Heus, Chiropractor and Founder, Revolution in Motion

Cynthia Toussaint

“I commend you on your great work on Aches and Gains™. I love that you are profiling people with pain who survive and thrive. What a positive thing you are doing for the pain community.” -Cynthia Toussaint, Ballerina and For Grace Founder and Spokesperson

Pat Silver-Lasky

“Dear Dr. Paul, you have found a way to bring the world of pain into sharp focus on your radio show, “Aches and Gains™”. If one third of the nation is suffering, learning how one person has found a solution to their particular nightmare highlights the value of every single life. I hope my own solution will help even one of your listeners.” -Pat Silver-Lasky, Author, Film and TV writer

Judith Orloff, MD

“Dr. Paul Christo is a wonderful interviewer with a compassionate informed view on pain. I was honored to be a guest on his show.” – Judith Orloff, MD; Psychiatrist and Author of Emotional Freedom

Jerry Mathers

“It was so nice to talk with Dr. Christo about my challenges with diabetes. The pain from diabetes can be bad, but medicines and other treatments can help. It is important to get the message out so that people can understand the magnitude of the diabetes epidemic that is sweeping the country.” – Jerry Mathers of “Leave it to Beaver” sitcom series; Television, Film, Stage Actor

Peggy Fleming

“I love the name of your show” -Peggy Fleming, Figure Skater and Olympic Gold Medalist

Tim Janis

“I have met many people in my career suffering from chronic pain looking for remedies for their condition. Dr. Paul Christo’s show “Aches and Gains™” is a critical component to those looking for answers to their condition. His knowledge, commitment and vast medical insight on pain relief and treatments are a welcomed and much needed component to achieve healing and wellness in soul, body and mind.” -Tim Janis, Renowned Composer and Philanthropist

Prodigy of Mobb Deep

“I have lived with sickle cell my whole entire life and I know how difficult it is sometimes to share my, or better, our painful experience with people who are not affected by the disease. I would like to thank Dr. Paul Christo for creating a platform that allows a conversation among those who are affected, as well as a source of real information for those who are not but want to know more.” -Prodigy of Mobb Deep, American Rapper and Author