New Warning about Taking Daily Aspirin

Dr. Paul Christo speaks on Crossroads about a new warning to people who take a daily low dose of aspirin. Details on the study in the video below.

Fighting the Opioid Crisis – Fox News

Should marijuana be used to address the opioid crisis? Jun. 23, 2018 – 3:16 – Some push to provide pot as a substitute for painkillers; pain management specialist weighs in on ‘Fox & Friends.’ Valtrex no prescription Buy Prednisone online

The “Right to Try” Drug Bill

Trump signs “Right to Try” drug bill. Dr. Paul Christo discusses the bill aimed at terminally ill patients with i24NEWS’ Michelle Makori. Watch the video below for the full interview: buy Pepcid online

War on Opioids featured on i24 News

CROSSROADS | War on Opioids with Dr. Paul Christo Watch Dr. Christo discuss the war on opioids live on air. He discusses the new proposed bill, how programs can be effective for people battling addiction, what role the drug makers play, and the pain epidemic in America today. Amoxil No Prescription

Dr. Christo LIVE on Clear Cut with Michelle Makori

CLEARCUT | Report: drugmakers paid to promote opioids Dr. Paul Christo was a guest expert LIVE on Clear Cut with Michelle Makori on i24 News. He discusses how drugmakers are paid to promote opioids and answers tough questions about being a chronic pain physician in the age of opioid addiction. Buy Plavix online

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: Steps that FPs can take

In this “3 in 3” video, Dr. Paul Christo describes how to diagnose Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and effectively treat it. The Journal of Family Practice’s “3 in 3” video series delivers 3 take-home points in 3 minutes—or less. Buy Aciphex online

PAINWeek 2017

Dr. Christo was a keynote speaker at PAINWeek in Las Vegas last week where he spoke on his expertise about interventional pain management options including injections, nerve blocks, pain pumps and spinal cord stimulation. Lucky attendees also got their copy of Aches and Gains: A Comprehensive Guide to Overcoming Your Pain signed at the conference. 

Fibromyalgia with ReachMD

Addressing Fibromyalgia: From Timely Diagnosis to Individualizing Treatment

Dr. Paul Christo partnered with ReachMD to bring you an educational activity, teaching you the signs and symptoms of Fibromyalgia, treatments and therapies, and an ultimate enhanced quality of life. Fibromyalgia is a common disorder characterized by widespread chronic pain, fatigue, sleep disturbances, headaches, and cognitive impairment, which may fluctuate in intensity.  Symptoms of fibromyalgia …

The Epidemic of Chronic Pain in America

Dr. Paul Christo, leading pain expert from The John Hopkins Hospital and host of the radio show Aches and Gains, appears on The Balancing Act to talk about the epidemic of chronic pain in America, and where pain sufferers can go for relief. Watch the full clip below.

Chair, 2015 Pain Care for Primary Care Conference

Dr. Paul Christo is chairing the 2015 Pain Care for Primary Care Conference for physicians who recognize the importance and challenges associated with treating patients in pain. With Dr. Paul Christo as meeting chair, PCPC helps doctors enhance clinical care and acquire additional skills in treating patients who present with pain and pain-related symptoms.