Christopher Kennedy Lawford

“I do a lot of interviews talking about issues around addiction, recovery, and pain. It’s nice when you’re introduced to someone in the media who asks questions that go below the surface.” -Christopher Kennedy Lawford, New York Times Best Selling Author and nephew of President John F. Kennedy

Naomi Judd, Grammy Award Winner

“You and I need more Doctors like Dr. Paul, who have a hard background in science and medicine. But, since we are also spiritual, emotional, mental as well as physical beings, we need healers who acknowledge all these aspects. I’m glad to have met Dr. Paul and to know he is carrying the banner for both” -Naomi Judd, 6 Time Grammy Award Winner, Best Selling Author, Humanitarian, and Spokesperson for Partners Against Pain

Clay Walker, Country Music Star

“I’ve had the privilege to be a guest on Aches and Gains™ and learn firsthand of Dr. Christo’s passion about treating and healing patients through pain management. Dr. Christo is one of those exceptional few doctors who is able to combine deep insight and profound knowledge with a sense of humor and light spirit.” -Clay Walker, Country Music Star