Vaping Now an Epidemic Among U.S. Teens

Stateside: Spotlight – Vaping Now an Epidemic Among U.S. Teens Dr. Paul sits down with Stateside to discuss how vaping can be dangerous when used in underage teenagers, and how it has now become an epidemic in US among that age group. buy zithromax no prescription

New Warning about Taking Daily Aspirin

Dr. Paul Christo speaks on Crossroads about a new warning to people who take a daily low dose of aspirin. Details on the study in the video below.

#AskDrP – Submit Your Questions

If you’d like to submit your questions in advance to make sure Dr. P answers them, please leave them in the comments below! Be sure to join us on September 26th at 12pm ET on Twitter @DrPaulChristo cialis next day delivery usa Buy Metformin online buy levitra online

Ovarian Cancer and Other Gynecological Sources of Chronic Pain

September is a month for awareness of both pain and ovarian cancer. Chronic pain is something that many people live with and struggle with daily, and women often experience pain because of gynecological health conditions, including ovarian cancer. These conditions not only cause pain but can also trigger other symptoms and complications, but there is …

When PMS Symptoms Are Worth Getting Checked Out

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and as the fifth largest cause of cancer-related deaths in women, it’s important to be informed of the disease. In 2018, an estimated 22,240 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer and 14,070 will die. The cancer is often undetected until it begins to spread to the pelvis and …

5 Athletes That Have Dealt With Chronic Injuries

Professional athletes always make for interesting studies where health and injury is concerned. They tend to have access to the best doctors and most advanced treatments on the planet, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that they’re quite literally paid to stay fit. Because of these things they can sometimes recover from serious injuries in ways …

Fighting the Opioid Crisis – Fox News

Should marijuana be used to address the opioid crisis? Jun. 23, 2018 – 3:16 – Some push to provide pot as a substitute for painkillers; pain management specialist weighs in on ‘Fox & Friends.’ Valtrex no prescription Buy Prednisone online

Sleeping Through the Pain of Ankylosing Spondylitis

Sleep is fundamental to our health and happiness as humans; without enough of it, our wellbeing and ability to cope with what challenges come our way are seriously impacted. The latter is particularly true when we are in pain, which impacts our ability to relax and sleep, which in turn affects our ability to cope …

Treating Lower Back Pain Without Opioids

Dr. Christo is proud to host: Treating Lower Back Pain Without Opioids This video covers: -Acupuncture -Chiropractic Care -Thermal Therapy -Physical Therapy -Massage Therapy This video is available to patients and physicians. If you are a patient, please click here and select the button “Go Straight to the Video (No CME)”. If you are a …

Be Free From Back Pain While Driving

Over 30 million Americans experience back pain, in fact it is the most common reason for missing work. Back pain costs the economy $88 billion a year. While some forms of back pain have originated from injury or accident, many are due to bad posture, and repetitive movements that are unnatural for the muscular system and skeleton. When …