6th Annual Pain Care for Primary Care featuring Guest Speaker Dr. Christo

6th Annual Pain Care for Primary Care

This Opioids vs Medical Cannabis Debate speakers were introduced by PCPC’s addiction expert, Ed Salsitz:

“Up until now PCPC has been cordial and collegial, but now the gloves have come off for The Great Debate! I introduce to you: Johns Hopkins Jabber, Paul Christo, the East Coast Champion vs San Diego Slugger Dave Bazzo, the West Coast Returning Champ……. ”

The 6th Annual Pain Care for Primary Care took place November 15 – 16, 2019, with an Optional Medical Cannabis & Addiction Workshops in Orlando, FL. Dr. Christo participated in the opioid vs. cannabis for pain debate that included a rigorous discussion and Q&A session. You can learn more about Opioid Addiction and Medical Marijuana on my website:

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