Ways To Stay Active As the Temperature Drops

run1As the temperature begins to drop, so do many of our activity levels.  It is important to remain active through colder months and get creative with your exercise and diet routine.  It is easy to become complacent when the weather is not ideal, but with these simple tips we can keep you on track for a pain free, healthy winter.

Research indicates that when people take an interruption from their fitness routine during the winter months, they experience the following:

  • Nearly a 20% decrease in cardiopulmonary fitness within just three to eight weeks of not exercising.
  • A loss of any benefits they added over time.
  • Go back to a sedentary fitness level within three to six months of not exercising.
  • Difficulty dropping the weight gained over the winter even after they begin an exercise routine again.

Aside from simply avoiding the negative consequences of not exercising, it’s also important to remember all of the health benefits that a regular exercise routine adds to your life including:

  • Increased energy
  • Optimistic mood
  • Weight management
  • Decreased stress
  • Sleep regularity
  • Chance of depression decreases drastically

What are some ways to make sure you take care of yourself this winter?

Join a gym. Gyms are an ideal place to be when the weather becomes uncomfortably cold.  They provide a variety of options for your workout including weight lifting options, cardiovascular fitness machines, and classes combining both.  Many gyms also offer a multitude of nutritional classes to help maintain a balanced diet through your oh-so-tempting holiday parties.

Invest In Fitness DVDs. If leaving the house in the snow to head to the gym isn’t an option, fitness videos are a perfect solution.  They are convenient, can be completed in the comfort of your home, and can be tailored to any level of fitness.  If DVDs are the route you are going down this winter, then you may want to look into…

Grabbing A Workout Partner.  Studies show that people who make a commitment to a work out partner are more likely to accomplish their fitness goals.  Accountability is important in any goal, and a workout partner not only provides this important step in fitness, but it also makes workouts more fun!

Take A Class.  If you don’t have a gym membership, another great option is to take one of a variety of classes offered in your area.  Many places offer yoga, Pilates, dance classes, and many other options depending on what you are looking for.  If you are looking for something a little more competitive…

Join An Indoor Sports League.  Indoor sports are a great way to gain the benefits of fitness, teamwork, and fun.  Your local sports leagues offer everything from volleyball, to basketball, to soccer and everything in between.  In many cities there are even indoor swim leagues!

Embrace The Cold.  Winter offers a wonderful variety of sports including skiing, snowboarding, and skating sports.  Just make sure you dress in layers, hydrate well, stretch, and have fun!

Make sure you and your loved ones stay active this winter and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Make a commitment to be diligent about taking care of the most important gift you have… your health. 


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