War on Opioids, Part II

download (2)The war on opioids began around 2010 when the Centers for Disease Control announced there were over 16,000 opioid-related deaths. That’s a big number – but not all of those deaths involved opioids alone. Our first guest, Angelika, suffers from a painful joint hypermobility condition called “Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.” Despite having a traumatic biking accident, she refused to go to the emergency room, fearing that she’d be labelled an addict, that her opioids would be taken away, and her pain would be left out of control. Author and journalist, Maia Szalavitz, then joins us. She’s written about the war on drugs and how it’s hurting patients who need them the most.


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  1. I completely under not wanting to go to the dr /ER when in pain or anything close to that. I recently had to go to ER after 16 hours straight of having a severe stomach virus. I hadn’t been able to take my prescribed medications for 24 hours so my pain was intensified from both withdraws from my reg pain meds and being sick. I was so dehydrated I was unable to walk and having severe muscle spasms. After seeing the doctor and his tests were performed I asked for something to ease the pain. I was told no. That was not going to happen and I didn’t need to ask again. After getting fluid thru iv the nurse came in and told me that I was ready to go home. I said but I can’t even take my normal medicine. The reply I got was that I should be able to the next day. Then in addition the took the wheel chair I had been using. So my stepfather helped me out.

  2. I live in FL have a script from a real doctor and pharamicist refuse to fill going through withdrawals so sick pain so bad can’t walk no life anymore # about done

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