StimRouter and Peripheral Nerve Stimulation, Part I

stimrouterElectrical stimulation of single nerves that cause pain, called peripheral nerve stimulation offers a way to control pain without accessing the spinal cord. A new device called StimRouter is minimally invasive, and designed for patients with certain kinds of neuropathic pain in the arms, legs, pelvis, and trunk.

Kaye Gagnon will share firsthand how this peripheral nerve stimulator turned her life around following a motor vehicle accident. Then, Dr. Einar Ottestad from Stanford Medical Center describes who’s a candidate, how the device is implanted, and the risks and benefits of StimRouter. [LISTEN TO PART II]


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  1. How much does this cost? Does Medicare cover it? Will this benefit those of us who have pain from cerebral palsy and arthritis along with othe aches and pains?

    • Medicare usually covers it. It’s used for specific nerve pain rather than more global pain. For instance, it you have carpal tunnel syndrome, or groin pain from an injured ilioinguinal or iliohypogastric nerve.

  2. Well I have arthritis in my SI joint and problems with my trap muscle that feels almost like a pinched nerve. Then I have a few buldges in my back. Will the device work on that? The pain from the trap and the SI radiates down to my hand and foot. I also have cervical dystonia in my neck.

    The SI joint causes a lot of pain in the glute muscle on a daily basis until I get a shot.

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