prolotherapyProlotherapy helps stimulate the healing of chronically injured ligaments and tendons. It reduces pain and may even regenerate new tissue. Dr. Jeffrey Patterson (in memoriam) at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine is one of the country’s leading experts on Prolotherapy and will give insight into this method of healing. Troy Tousey, our second guest, has suffered with shoulder dislocations since he was nine years old.  The outlook for him, even with surgery, was pretty grim until he found Prolotherapy and decided to give it a try.


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  1. Ever since I was 10 yrs old I suffered from occasional Lower back. But one day before I found myself in a Hospital ER due to lifting up 200-250 lbs. Fiberite Barrels of plastic material on a dock because of a CEO telling me either I do the job or I will be in the unemployment line. 6 yrs later after a Lumbar operation, (Laminectomy and Disectomy-S1-L4), due to lifting those Fiberite Barrels, I found myself in the same situation,the same Discs that were operated on were once again herniated. This time it was from hurting my back driving a
    truck for a computer recycling business. I even tried to change my career from physical labor to getting an Associate Degree working on computers & Networking. I went into Physical Therapy for 12wks, only to find myself laying on a floor due to both my legs going out on me because my back popped & pain shot down both legs rendering them very weak for a little while, approximately 1/2 Hr. In October 2006 I had an MRI done & after my back popped I had another MRI done but there was nothing noticeable o r any changes visible. I was again told to go through 12 more wks of physical therapy but this time they performed Decompression on me. While the portable Decompression Machine was running at 35lbs my back popped again but this time the pain came from my L5 area & the pain was so Sharpe it felt like someone driving a knife through me. The pain radiated from my lower back wrapping around & making me feel as if a Cow or a Horse kicked me between my legs. After a couple of more wks in March 2007, my Physical Therapist felt I was declining or regressing in my Therapy that it was unnecessary to continue & sent Me back to work on light duty. I told my Neurosurgeon that I wanted the Fusion because the pain was getting so bad that I was losing use of my left right leg. For 3 wks Dr’s arguments were who was going to operate on me because it was “Conflict of Interest”. The assistant Neurosurgeon who was standing in to help my Neurosurgeon was working in the same office building as my 1st Neurosurgeon who had performed the 1st back Surgery. I went in for a 2nd opinion to find out if it should be necessary to operate & unknowingly that my Neurosurgeon was having an assistant Neurosurgeon who was from my previous Neurosurgeon office. Yet, while they were arguing about operating on me, I was getting worse to a point where I wasn’t able to walk at all. The Dr’s finally seemed to come to a conclusion & operate on me April 4, 2007. I was being wheeled out from the operating room when my Dr appeared to me stating, “No wonder why you had so much pain & couldn’t walk, your back was broken. Your L4 Vertebra was fractured in the middle & your L5 Lamina was completely broken off & lodged into your L5 Nerve Root. I went from 250lbs Weight down to 185 lbs within 3 wks due to the shock of the broken back I had to deal with & being bed ridden before my Spinal Fusion & broken back. I now suffer from “Failed Back Syndrome” which I can say I suffer more than just that. I suffer because of Doctors who no longer feel it necessary to treat the problem but only to treat it with I’ll compassion s money is more important to their agreement of helping cure & fix illnesses than now it’s all about money. I seen a Neurosurgeon for another 2nd opinion & you know what he told me? That I have an 85% chance of being permanently or partially paralyzed if I decide to have another back Surgery. My Neurosurgeon wanted to take out the metal because he felt my spine was not reacting well with the surgery. But the real reason was his office was coding their procedures so they can make more money & he never got his $60,000.00 for operating on me, the Hospital he performed the operation got it. But, I can’t get another back operation again because another back operation will do me more harm than good because my scar tissue has wrapped itself around my Nerves and Metal (Titanium). Because I have Medicare with no supplement insurance, disabled being unable to work, one eye I’m going blind in & now just found out my heart is not working correctly, that I feel it’s worth dying instead of living in this corrupt world. I don’t have the courage to do it and won’t but fight first. Go the distance as Jesus & Paul stated in my Christian beliefs. Suicide is against my beliefs but still 45mm we have a corrupt Healthcare system. The Physical therapy facility stated they never did the procedure (Decompression), the paper work from the Physical Therapist was not given to me because they’re refusing and stating they never did the procedure along with forcing the Physical Therapist to resign & I have no clue where he moved to. Also, at the time I was searching for Council but no Lawyer wanted to take my case because they knew it was too difficult of a case and NOT easy or quick money. NOW for the rest of my life I’m in extreme pain, rediculopothy, severe Spinal Stenosis & Progressive Degenerative Disc Disease. I have 6Herniated Discs and 5 Protrusions. (C4-C6, & S1-L2 Herniated Discs, C3-C4 and T4-T8, T11-T12 Protrusions, along with severe Osteoarthritis throughout Thoracic area and Severe Spinal Stenosis and Severe DDD in Cervical and Lumbar areas) When I contacted “The Spinal Institute” they told me that I would need $18,500.00 down payment before they would even consider looking at me. If I were a millionaire and had good insurance every Doctor around the world would want to fix me. But because I’m broke now, no work because of a disability that’s getting worse and more physical conditions starting, no doctor wants to perform excellent services due to every doctor now looks at money being more important than the vows they claimed when committing themselves to the medical field. I’m appauld at the atrocities that Doctors Have committed themselves to. Disgusting they’re allowing the DEA to control their decisions in helping even senior citizens & helping them with their pain that the suicide rates of Senior Citizens went from 30% to a whopping 80% in this country alone. All because the DEA can’t go after the Drug Cartels have them & the government locked into their pockets.

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