JUST SAY NO: What NOT to Do When Managing Chronic Pain

just say no

There are many days where we want to do something and we know we shouldn’t while living with pain. Looking back at the good ol’ days can be a bad way to live, knowing that you can’t participate in those activities to the level you once did. Bodies change, people get older, and life changes directions. You cannot control where you are now, but you CAN do something about preventing unwarranted pain. Here are some things that you should NOT do with chronic pain.

If your body is saying “no”, do not ignore it

Despite knowing our body’s limitations, we sometimes say “yes” to activities that we want to do knowing the consequences. Sometimes saying “yes” to these activities may be great in the moment, but can have a detrimental effect on your pain. If you know your body will not be able to handle something like a game of golf, tennis, or pushing yourself too far in yoga, listen to your body.

Do not try a treatment just because someone else succeeded

There are many kinds of treatment for chronic pain that I am open to and some that I advocate completely. From yoga to acupuncture, there are many different ways to treat chronic pain, but there are not any universal treatments. Hearing a friend’s success in a treatment does not mean that you will be successful as well. Everyone is different and if your body is not up for a yoga session or you are uncomfortable with acupuncture, do not try that treatment only to be left disappointed. Consult your doctor before you begin any new program.

Do not embrace negativity

Speaking about yourself in a negative way can only lead to more self-doubt and low self-esteem. If you would not speak to your friend in a certain way, you should not speak to yourself that way. If you are suffering from pain the day after you went for a longer walk than usual, do not beat yourself up believing you should have known better. Rolling with the punches and living a more positive lifestyle will be your best bet when it comes to living with pain and accepting what comes with it. We all make mistakes.  Learn from them and move forward.

Don’t overdo it just to keep up with others

I know some of your friends and family members do not suffer from chronic pain. A lot of times it can be hard being left out or not being able to keep up with them because you are in constant pain or you are trying to prevent pain from occurring. What I will say is try. Try to spend a little bit of time doing the activities that you enjoy with family and friends like shopping, exercising, or other activities, just don’t overdo it. They will understand.

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