Pro Football Hall of Famer Joe Montana is just like the rest of us, except he’s considered by many as the greatest QB of all-time with all the records, honors and pain to prove it. When asked how many surgeries he’s had in his career, it was easy to lose count.

“I can’t even remember, six or seven on the knee, there’s 20-plus, I’d have to start looking at my body parts to think about them,” said Montana.

Recently, Montana has partnered with Stimwave Technologies for a minimally-invasive operation on his left knee as an alternative to surgery and opioids to relieve his chronic pain.

“The chip is right here and it’s connected to these electrodes and the electrodes go to the nerve and treat the pain,” said Stimwave CEO Laura Perryman. “From there he uses a little transmitter, that’s like a little pager, presses the button and it alleviates his pain whenever he wants to.”

“Hopefully, I’ll get a gate back and be a little more active than I’ve been,” said Montana.