Foot Pain

foot-painWhen walking, standing, balancing, even jumping for joy, becomes too painful to even think about, we need answers, treatment, and some sweet relief. We seek out a podiatrist and Dr. Elliott Udell is one of the best.  In fact, he’s the past president of the American Society of Podiatric Medicine.  Over the last 30 years, he’s treated patients with a wide variety of foot pain:  from bunions to gout, ankle sprains, heel pain, ulcers and foot wounds – all of them excruciating.  Joining the discussion is Jim Naylor, whose athletic activity became severely limited by plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the tendon attaching the heel bone to the base of the toes.


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  1. Dear Dr. Paul, I have started it is a private venture something that was important for me to do, I have been in Pain Management as a patient for the past 18 years suffering from MS, Diabetes Type 2, along with several surgeries from working in Public Safety. I said once I received my IT Pump this past Feb 04 2015 that if I was able that I would start teaching health and safety again. I listen to your show weekly and appreciate your honesty and speaking up for proper Pain Management. I am 51 years old and can remember the stigma that came with a Cancer Diagnosis and then HIV/AIDS came along and that was worse. Now it seems that society has been taught that most patients who are legit pain management patients have a hidden agenda or they are diverting and or abusing the opioids given. We know substance abuse is at epidemic proportions and with the one sided media attention it is in our face weekly. My goal is to offer the correct information and resources available to patients and to educate the general public that when 100 million Americans suffer from acute and chronic pain that if we do not control and change direction where it concerns abuse of opioids then we are going to rewind back 25 years ago when it was almost impossible to obtain Pain Management of any type. I was a Paramedic Instructor and Health & Safety Instructor Trainer for over 25 years and have had the privilege to work in Law Enforcement as well, it is my hope that both my experience as a Pain Patient and as a Public Safety Official will help make a difference even if for that one person. Can you please assist me by allowing me to upload your past shows to my Internet Radio Station so we would have the right type of audio content. I would appreciate any consideration you may offer. Truly Tony Baptista 228-216-9192

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