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radio-logo-with-sirius-detailAches and Gains® is the first national radio talk show to shine a much needed spotlight on pain management and those who suffer from a variety of debilitating medical conditions. Celebrity guests share their personal experience conquering pain with Dr. Christo, helping others see that a fuller life is possible with the right combination of treatment, medication and perseverance.Aches and Gains® airs every Saturday on Sirius XM’s FamilyTalk 131, 5-6 pm EST.


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This Saturday @ 5:00 & 5:30 p.m. EST

The Pain of Racism Part I

The Pain of Racism Part I

In America, racial discrimination was the force behind slavery and segregation among the states. Research tells us that still today we may respond more dramatically to seeing white people inlearn more
The Pain of Racism, Part II

The Pain of Racism, Part II

Racism is painful. It hurts our identity, suppresses our talents, and can lead to injury. In America, racial discrimination was the force behind slavery and segregation among the states. Howlearn more
Airs October 22, 2016 on
SiriusXM Family Talk 131

Leading Pain Specialist

Dr. Paul Christo

pcnobackgroundroundDr. Christo’s extensive research on chronic pain diagnosis and treatment, combined with his Harvard and Johns Hopkins specialized training, has helped establish him as one of America’s leading pain experts. U.S. News & World Report named Dr. Christo among the top 1% of doctors in the nation.

Through his national radio talk show Aches and Gains®, Dr. Christo demonstrates his commitment to spreading the word about the latest innovations in pain management, diagnosis and treatment.

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“Dr. Christo is making a remarkable impact on the lives of all those suffering from pain. Aches and Gains is innovative, educational, and inspirational. I appreciated the chance to spread the word that my plush toy called the “Peek – A –Boo” can reduce and even prevent the painful symptoms of text neck from smartphone use.  It certainly reduced my own neck pain”

Ty Warner, Founder of Ty, Inc, Creator of the “Beanie Baby”, and Philanthropist

Men’s Health Magazine Medical Advisory Board

Paul Christo Mens Health

Paul Christo, MD proudly joined the Men’s Health Magazine Medical Advisory Board in 2015. Men’s Health is the world’s best-selling men’s magazine providing 13 million readers with up-to-the-minute information on health, fitness, fashion, nutrition, relationships, travel, technology and finance.

Dr. Christo is excited about this opportunity to provide his 14 years of experience as a Physician and Pain Specialist to the Advisory Board. Bill Phillips, Editor-in-Chief of Men’s Health was a recent guest on his radio show, and he has contributed to articles published by the magazine.




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