No one is immune to pain, but together we can overcome it.

Praise for Aches and Gains

Naomi Judd

Singer, Author, and Humanitarian

“When you’re in pain and you are desperate for an expert, Dr. Christo is just that. He’s also filled with compassion and a wonderful bedside manner. Pain is inevitable but Dr. Christo helps relieve your suffering.”

Suzanne Somers

Actress and Author

“Dr. Paul Christo’s insightful book “Aches and Gains” is a breath of fresh air, particularly at a time when we, as a nation are experiencing an opioid-addiction catastrophe.  This book offers true healing and ‘another therapeutic option’ without the dangerous effects of harsh drugs. Human beings will do anything to take away pain. It is refreshing to read a book that offers another path. If you are experiencing pain, I highly suggest you read Dr. Christo’s book before you consider any treatments.”

Timothy R. Deer, MD

President, International Neuromodulation Society

“Dr. Christo gives a truly unique and balanced overview of all potentially valid possibilities for those who suffer and have the desire to take back their function and quality of life. I would recommend this book for anyone who suffers from pain, who has loved ones in this condition, or would like to know things we can do to help this terrible problem for our society.”

Gunnar Peterson

Beverly Hills Based Personal Trainer

“This book is a terrific resource that everybody should pay attention to. It’s cutting-edge, easy to read, and inspirational. Dr. Paul Christo gives you the tools to move beyond your pain, and into the realm of healthy living. Believe me, he is talking to YOU! I am honored to be a part of this movement!”

Rollin M. Gallager, MD, MPH

Editor-in-Chief, Pain Medicine

Aches and Gains offers far-reaching therapeutic options for pain relief. Dr. Christo, and his interesting patients and prominent personalities from all walks of life, carefully guide anybody dealing with this multidimensional disease through its complexities in a remarkably understandable and compelling manner. Pain can strike us at any time in life. We are now fortunate to have a book that both serves as a beacon of hope and as a source of many evidence-based and emerging treatments that can really help.”

Roger B. Fillingim

Director of UF's Pain Research & Intervention Center of Excellence

“Dr. Christo’s Aches and Gains provides an incredibly comprehensive overview of the many forms that pain can take, how it impacts the lives of its sufferers, and most inspiringly the multiple treatment options that are available for the tens of millions who suffer from chronic pain. Importantly, Dr. Christo strikes an impressive balance between conveying information that will be helpful to people experiencing pain while staying true to the current state of pain science. He artfully intertwines stories from real people with evidence-based information to both inspire and educate the reader. This book will help to arm people in pain with knowledge and hope, empowering them to take control over their pain and their lives.”

Lou Holtz

College Football Hall of Fame Coach

“If you suffer from pain, know somebody who does, or want to limit your chances of developing it, Aches and Gains is a must read. Dr. Christo covers this universal problem with great expertise and compassion."

Kathleen Hall, Ph.D.

CEO, The Stress Institute

“Dr. Christo has created a brilliant comprehensive guide into the world of pain packed with research based information while also dispensing his wise, compassionate guidance. Every person will need to navigate the realm of pain throughout their life in some capacity. This stellar work gives them a spectacular invaluable roadmap.”

Clay Walker

Country Music Artist

“There’s no other book like it—eye-opening, motivational, and powerful. Dr. Paul Christo responds to this tremendous problem with new insights and reliable options. His care and good will for all of us in pain shines brightly, and his desire to bring forth the best and highest in everybody permeates his work.”

PAIN is often treatable but...

doctors, medical professionals, and patients don’t understand the intricacies of chronic pain, and how it should be treated. Millions who suffer from pain become hopeless and finding relief seems impossible. With Aches and Gains, Dr. Paul Christo, a leading John’s Hopkins physician, pain specialist, and author sheds new light for both the public and healers — what does it mean to live in chronic pain, and ultimately how to overcome it. Aches and Gains is a life-changing resource for anyone associated with pain, including pain sufferers themselves, as well as doctors, nurses, medical professionals, and caregivers.


• Develop a thorough understanding of the world’s pain epidemic and how it can affect them, their family, and their friends.
• Better identify the source of painful conditions.
• Incorporate an array of pain medications, advanced injection therapies, and cutting-edge neurostimulation procedures for easing pain.
• Consider various forms of integrative therapies and when they should be used.


is listed as a Top Doctor and among the top 1% for Pain Management by U.S. News & World Report. He hosts an award-winning, nationally syndicated SIRIUS XM radio talk show on overcoming pain called, Aches and Gains® featuring distinguished celebrity guests such as Naomi Judd, Joe Montana, and Montel Williams. He is a board-certified pain specialist and anesthesiologist, an Associate Professor in the Division of Pin Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and was honored by the American Society of Pain Educators as Pain Educator of the Year for his transformational work on public education through the media.

More Praise for Aches and Gains

Steven D. Feinberg, MD, MPH

Board Certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Board Certified Pain Medicine, Past-President of the American Academy of Pain Medicine

“Dr. Paul Christo has provided a down-to-earth, easy to read and understandable book that is highly recommended to help those with chronic pain and their family members effectively better manage chronic pain while improving function.”

Jennifer L. Murphy, PhD

VA’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Chronic Pain manual author and trainer

“Dr. Christo has provided an accessible A to Z guide on the complex world of chronic pain. He uses helpful case vignettes to illustrate the subtleties of pain care. The knowledge gained by both providers and patients will empower them to manage pain more effectively.”

John D. Loeser, M.D.

Professor, University of Washington Past President, American Pain Society and the International Association for the Study of Pain

“Dr. Christo does a wonderful job sharing his knowledge and experiences dealing with chronic pain patients.  This book addresses all aspects of pain and contemporary treatments for those who suffer from it. It is an excellent source of information for patients and their caregivers.”

Roger Chou. M.D.

Professor of Medicine, General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, Oregon Health & Science University

Aches and Gains is a great resource for patients suffering with chronic pain. Dr. Christo shares his clinical and scientific expertise in a way that is engaging, informative, and empathetic, and doesn’t focus only on pills or surgery. The stories of famous individuals with pain are unique and informative, and demonstrate that pain can impact anyone. I think anyone reading this book will have a greater understanding of the causes of pain and strategies for managing it—giving them the tools to ultimately get back their lives.”

Tim Janis

Renowned Composer

“In the area of pain management, Dr. Paul Christo has devoted his career to helping those in need, and making a difference to improve their lives. His new book Aches and Gains is a wonderful culmination of his vast experience and knowledge. I recommend it as a helpful tool in pain management.”