Dr. Christo Comments on the Impact of the Opioid Crisis

Dr. Christo spoke with the Outer Banks Sentinel to provide insight on the way the opioid crisis has impacted pharma, ...
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Dr. Christo Discusses New Pain Approach – Neuromodulation

In the January/February 2017 Issue of Men’s Health, Dr. Christo discusses neuromodulation, a treatment that can help better manage chronic pain ...
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Dr. Christo Provides Exercises to Relieve Neck Pain

As part of Men’s Health March 2017 Issue, Dr. Christo provides some tips for alleviating the neck pain that comes ...
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Dr. Christo & America’s First Radio Show on Overcoming Pain

Dr. Paul Christo is a board-certified, Harvard trained anesthesiologist and Johns Hopkins–trained pain medicine specialist. He’s an associate professor and ...
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Managing the Fear of Prescription Drug Addiction

Doctors prescribe more painkillers today than they ever have – with primary care providers accounting for about half of opioid ...
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Can Chronic Pain Be Prevented?

Can chronic pain be prevented? Is there a way to silence pain early, before it becomes a lifelong affliction? The ...
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CAUTION: Opioid Addiction

What Dentists Should Know about America’s Prescription Opioid Problem. Click Here to read more.  ...
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Pain Expert Dr. Christo Talks to Men’s Health about a New Epidemic

What’s killing middle-aged white men? Click here to read more.  ...
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Pot for Pain? 80% of Docs Surveyed by PPM Say Yes

Medical marijuana continues to be a hot topic in pain management and of great interest to readers of Practical Pain ...
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"A (Not So Painful) Conversation About Chronic Pain", Guest interview with Tom Hall, NPR’s (WYPR) Maryland Morning with Sheilah Kast, June ...
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Are Prescriptions Underprescribed or Overprescribed for the Treatment of Pain

“Are Prescriptions Underprescribed or Overprescribed for the Treatment of Pain”, Guest Interview with Neil Conan, NPR’s (WAMU) Talk of the ...
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Relieving your Aches and Pains

“Relieving your Aches and Pains”, Circles of Change, KQTH Radio, Tucson’s News Talk Radio, September 2011 ...
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Today with Pat Kenny

Dr. Christo's guest interview on the global epidemic of pain on "Today with Pat Kenny," RTE Radio, Ireland    ...
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Upping the Dose on Pain Meds

Dr. Christo’s guest appearance on, “Upping the Dose on Pain Meds”, NPR’s (KPCC-Southern California) Airtalk with Larry Mantle, December 2011  ...
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Guest Appearances

Fibromyalgia with ReachMD

Addressing Fibromyalgia: From Timely Diagnosis to Individualizing Treatment

Dr. Paul Christo partnered with ReachMD to bring you an educational activity, teaching you the signs and symptoms of Fibromyalgia, ...
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The Epidemic of Chronic Pain in America

Dr. Paul Christo, leading pain expert from The John Hopkins Hospital and host of the radio show Aches and Gains, ...
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Chair, 2015 Pain Care for Primary Care Conference

Dr. Paul Christo is chairing the 2015 Pain Care for Primary Care Conference for physicians who recognize the importance and challenges associated with treating patients ...
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Dr. Christo Discusses How to Describe Pain to Your Doctor

How to Describe Pain to Your Doctor

Dr. Paul Christo explained specific ways in which people suffering from pain can more accurately describe their pain level to their doctor ...
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Low Back Pain

“Low Back Pain”, Interview with Donna Hamilton, WBAL News, Baltimore, MD, April 2008 ...
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Pain Expert

“Pain Expert”, ABC News On-Call Pain Project, video footage for ABC news website, 2007 ...
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Use and Abuse of Prescription Painkillers

"Use and Abuse of Prescription Painkillers”, NPR’s (WAMU) The Diane Rehm Show, April 2011  ...
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The Addiction Performance Project

Expert Panelist for “The Addiction Performance Project”, National Institute on Drug Abuse, Washington, D.C., Debra Winger, featured actress. View Images ...
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Keynote Speaker, Montana Pain Initiative

Keynote Speaker, Montana Pain Initiative   ...
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Botox Eliminates Pain Of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Without Surgery

“Botox Eliminates Pain Of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Without Surgery”, WUSA9 Television Washington, DC, July 2010.  ...
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