Celebrity Stories

Joe Montana


Retired professional football player, a hall of fame quarterback

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Suffered arthritic knee pain during and after his professional football career. Would play through the pain as it is “part of the business” of football.


Physical therapy and strength training along with anti-inflammatories and ice helped him through his playing days. Continuing with the strength training, he has added Joint Juice as a supplement. He finds key relief in maintaining a healthy weight and watching his diet. His parting note is that you have to work at it but you can have a healthy lifestyle.

Nikki Stone


U.S. first Olympic champion in inverted aerial skiing

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Nikki damaged two discs in her lower back from repeated high-altitude jumps. This resulted in sharp pain and muscle spasms. It was diagnosed as having internal disc disruption and her spine was leaking fluid. She suffered from depression and thought her Olympic career was over.


After finding a new doctor, she began heavy weightlifting to strengthen her back allowing her to ski again. She knows this is a pain she will live with the rest of her life however, being completely open and honest with her doctor gave her a way to build up strength preparing her for what is to come.

Christopher Kennedy Lawford


New York Times Best Selling Author on Addiction and Recovery, Goodwill Ambassador for United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, and nephew of President John F. Kennedy

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A long time drug and alcohol addict, he had to deal with the pain associated with recovery – physical and emotional. He would create physical pain to excuse the drug usage and obviously mask the emotional pain.


It took several attempts before he found the moment of clarity he needed to tackle the addiction. He has found that staying connected to his higher self has helped him stay on track. He adjusted his lifestyle and continues with support to break the cycle of addiction that affected his family.



Rapper with Mobb Deep and author

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He has suffered with Sickle Cell since he was three months old. He would go into a “crisis” which consisted of major pain episodes and trips to the ER. If was often difficult in the ER situation as many patients are coming in just for the drugs, not to heal their situation.


Finally, he developed a close relationship to a doctor and got him grounded in how to face his disease. He talks about it and owns it so others are afraid – to the extreme of having sickle cell tattooed on his arm. A healthy lifestyle has been instrumental in helping to manage the pain – he encourages those suffering with this disease to embrace healthy eating, positive attitude, and spirituality while understanding that these are all connected.

Naomi Judd


Six Time Grammy Award Winner, Best Selling Author, Humanitarian, and Spokesperson for Partners Against Pain

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Was infected with Hepatitis C resulting in excruciating pain. She became depressed, suffered headaches and felt flu-like symptoms all the time. Left her feeling as if her performing career was over and she would be isolated from people and activities she loved.


Her first step was to find the right doctor – one who could treat her whole being, not just her pain. Once she acknowledged her pain, it gave her the strength to do something about it. She created her own pain management plan which includes awareness, her environment, and what she puts into her body. She found that music and deep breathing helped her find calm when she was otherwise in pain.

Jennifer Grey


An actress and champion from Dancing with the Stars

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After a major car wreck, she suffered severe whiplash and only learned many years later that she had a compressed spinal cord. If she had not found treatment at the right time, this would have led to paralysis. She was in constant pain and it made working almost impossible – stress and tension would lead to more pain.


Again, after finding the right surgeon, she had surgery to do a neck fusion – of all the options they felt this was the best to help her condition. She keeps a pain journal to keep on top of what triggers her pain. When necessary, she’ll take an Advil to help during the day. Exercise has also lead to her having an ability to fight the pain through positive reinforcement.

Montell Williams

Montel Williams diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis

American television personality, radio talk show host and actor

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Officially diagnosed in 1999, Montell Williams had been suffering the crippling effects of multiple sclerosis for years. He tried multiple psychological treatments as well as prescribed pain medication. He was having neuropathic pain throughout, his left leg was weak along with constant pain in his lower extremities. He would get bursts of pain that he describes as repeatedly striking your funny bone however he would have to remain on camera and work through the pain.


Internet research and consultations with doctors lead him to the benefits of medical marijuana use.

Dr. Maya Angelou

Author, poet, civil rights activist, actress, and producer, as well as countless other endeavors

Dr. Maya Angelou: April 4, 1928 – May 28, 2014

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After a traumatic event as a child, Dr. Maya Angelou spent nearly six years of her youth as a mute in which she suffered great emotional pain. Dr. Angelou talked about her use of oxygen to manage her COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) due to a collapsed right lung and lesions on her left lung. She had developed arthritis, which was a constant source of pain for Dr. Angelou as her joints became stiffer with age. 


Dr. Angelou shared her unique way of fighting pain and why staying active in body and spirit can be healing. She said the most important step someone can take when they feel overwhelmed is admit how far they have already come. Dr. Angelou noted that events occur which will change you, as they had for her, but you can decide whether you will or will not let them reduce your spirit and drive.