End of Life

Pain at the End: Are Opioids a Risk or a Relief?

At the end of life, we want to make sure that we are comfortable. People across the globe fear dying in pain. It’s a real fear because the World Health Organization estimates that 1/10 people alive today risks dying a painful death. This is true for developing countries, as well as developed countries like the …

Will We Die in Pain? Part II

In part two of our show, Mike Hill (director, writer, and producer) shares some powerful, behind the scenes moments that he experienced while filming the compelling documentary, “Life Before Death”.  Dr. Kathleen Foley then gives us the hope we need to ease our fear of dying a painful death. http://paulchristomd.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Aches-And-Gains-028-Will-We-Die-In-Pain-II.mp3

Will We Die in Pain? Part I

“Life Before Death” is a moving, award winning documentary film that features the worldwide battle by physicians and nurses to stop the epidemic of pain that threatens to condemn one in every ten of us to die a painful death. Through the eyes of patients and their families, we experience very personally the agony of …